Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be seen and increase your online traffic

This topic is focused on in increasing Online Traffic
Online activity is the best way to be noticed over the internet.

To obtain online traffic, you need to:
1. Be Seen - Search Engines are the primary method of most internet users utilize to seek and research information. The most common of these Search Engines is the Google, Yahoo! search, Bing, Ask, etc..
2. Be Seen First - Nearly 90 percent of search users only open the links that are within the first 3 page. So being in the first page can mean a lot to your site.
3. Marketing Perception - 40 percent of search engine users perceive top ranked companies are the market dealers.

If you are a businessman owning your own site. And a person is searching for your kind of business over Google. After he hits 'Enter' and your site doesn't appear in the list. won't it be frustrating on your part as a businessman who invest so much in making your site and paying lots of money to make it look good.

The answer to that question is simply because your site is not Optimized for search engine. In order to be seen, your site has to undergo SEO. And there are many steps for this. 
First will be to optimize it. By using keywords and applying it to all the pages in your site. (including the title, images, links, etc..). These keywords should be the words that are commonly used for search and related to your business.
Second is advertising. Make yourself be known by posting Ads on other site, or by joining in listings. Putting advertising to other site that will lead you to your site can also increase your sites traffic.
Third will be Patience. The number 1 spot is not easy to achieve with so many competitors out there.

After completing all these steps, the first page of the Search Engine may not be that hard to reach after all. 

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